Welcome to my kitchen diary

Welcome to my kitchen diary, a cozy place, where there’s always room at my kitchen table for one more.  We’ll just scoot the chairs around and squeeze you in.  I’d like to use this blog to share some family recipes, chat about ordinary home-cooking ( definitely no fancy gourmet techniques).  You’re welcome to send any recipes you’d like to share, along with family anecdotes, or any other crafting, gardening or needlework ideas you have.

My family cooking traditions come from PA Dutch German origins, where I grew up in rural PA (no we’re not Amish, just PA Dutch Germans where most of my relatives still have a decidedly “dutchy” accent).  Most of the PA Dutch cooking is pretty heavy German cooking, but since I spent my adult life traveling about as an Army wife, I’ve acquired a smorgasbord of recipes from all over the globe.  I particularly love authentic Chinese food.  Years ago, I had Lebanese neighbors down the street, who ran a Lebanese restaurant, and their food ranks as some of the best that I have ever eaten.  All types of recipes are welcome here, along with any friendly chat.


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