Small cross-stitch finishes

A free pattern from a German cross-stitch site.

I stitched this free pattern from the Snowflower Diaries website for my oldest daughter.

I made it into a cube following instructions from a few online tutorials.  This was the second cube finish.

This is a free pattern from the Italian DMC website.  The pattern had May in Italian, but I changed that to “Welcome”.  This was my first attempt at a cube finish.

A little cross-stitched pillow.  The pattern is a free pattern from a French website.   I used fabric and trim I already had.


Recent plastic canvas projects.

Another quilt design tissue box cover.

I forgot to snap a photo before mailing this tissue box cover to a friend, but here are the 4 sides completed.  Initially, I planned to make all 4 sides the rose pattern, but after seeing how glaring some of the pink yarn is, I opted for a different flower pattern on each side.

My late mother gave me this dog-damaged tissue box cover shortly before she died and asked me if I could fix it.  I had stitched this for her years before.  I put in  a box with needlework kits and recently pulled it out.

Two sides had the plastic canvas intact, but I had to replace some damaged yarn.  These became mug rugs.

I made another tissue box cover with that design and salvaged the metal concho from the damaged one.


A sheep

Framed with a $2 Dollar General unfinished craft frame that I stained with my brown scrapbook ink.  The other trims are some fabric, buttons, jute and bell I already had.  The cross-stitch pattern is a very old Gloria & Pat design

Basket of flowers

Almost 15 years of working at Walmart, most of it in the fabrics and crafts department, left me with a lot of sewing and craft supplies.  Every time items were on clearance, my co-workers would tell me how crafty I am and suggest I could use them.  So, I purchased way more than I will ever use.

Now, I’m trying to use craft and sewing items I already have and focusing on thinking up ways to use more of all this “stuff”.

The photo above is the hearth on my fireplace.  Last night I put together this basket of flowers using a basket my oldest sister decorated with silk flowers that were painted with some medium to make them look like porcelain.  This was some craft thing decades ago.  I have several bunches of Walmart clearance flowers, so I used wire cutters and cut them into stems and stuck them into styrofoam.


Since I don’t know much about flower arranging, I just winged it.


Decided to “doctor” up the left side, so I added hearts on the left.

The hearts were made with old velvet Christmas ribbon and the buttons were old clearance sale buttons I had.

A refinish

A “refinish” of an old Alma Lynne piece from many years ago.  I had a paint canvas left from the pack of 2 for the USA piece and decided to redo this piece.  Yes I see, I have it positioned too far to the right.  More practice needed at finishing for sure *sigh*.

Love this pattern

This is 16-count plastic canvas stitched with 6 strands of DMC floss – all continental (tent stitch).  Can’t remember where the pattern is from, because I stitched this about 20 years ago and stuck it in a plastic box. Floss tube videos on YouTube are inspiring me to finish my stitching projects and display them, instead of sticking them in a box.