Basket of flowers

Almost 15 years of working at Walmart, most of it in the fabrics and crafts department, left me with a lot of sewing and craft supplies.  Every time items were on clearance, my co-workers would tell me how crafty I am and suggest I could use them.  So, I purchased way more than I will ever use.

Now, I’m trying to use craft and sewing items I already have and focusing on thinking up ways to use more of all this “stuff”.

The photo above is the hearth on my fireplace.  Last night I put together this basket of flowers using a basket my oldest sister decorated with silk flowers that were painted with some medium to make them look like porcelain.  This was some craft thing decades ago.  I have several bunches of Walmart clearance flowers, so I used wire cutters and cut them into stems and stuck them into styrofoam.


Since I don’t know much about flower arranging, I just winged it.