Basket of flowers

Almost 15 years of working at Walmart, most of it in the fabrics and crafts department, left me with a lot of sewing and craft supplies.  Every time items were on clearance, my co-workers would tell me how crafty I am and suggest I could use them.  So, I purchased way more than I will ever use.

Now, I’m trying to use craft and sewing items I already have and focusing on thinking up ways to use more of all this “stuff”.

The photo above is the hearth on my fireplace.  Last night I put together this basket of flowers using a basket my oldest sister decorated with silk flowers that were painted with some medium to make them look like porcelain.  This was some craft thing decades ago.  I have several bunches of Walmart clearance flowers, so I used wire cutters and cut them into stems and stuck them into styrofoam.


Since I don’t know much about flower arranging, I just winged it.


Love this pattern

This is 16-count plastic canvas stitched with 6 strands of DMC floss – all continental (tent stitch).  Can’t remember where the pattern is from, because I stitched this about 20 years ago and stuck it in a plastic box. Floss tube videos on YouTube are inspiring me to finish my stitching projects and display them, instead of sticking them in a box.

$1 Notebook Project


Here’s a cheap little project for girls, who often like frills and ribbons, diaries and notebooks..  I saw some variation of this in a magazine years ago.  I made two of these for my 10 year-old granddaughters in a half hour yesterday.

I took a small $1 spiral-bound notebook from the dollar store and tied little pieces of ribbon along the spiral binding   This can be done in all one color ribbon or a few coordinating colored ribbons, but since I have tons of ribbon, I used a different ribbon on each spiral.  As a put-together craft kit gift, you could give the notebook, some ribbon and pens for the girl to do herself.

Tip: I worked at Wal-Mart many years and their holiday stuff is much of the same junk, just different colors and printing on it for each holiday.  That includes the $1 ribbon.  Wal-mart after-holiday sales are 50% off first and then 75% off.  In my store, that ribbon was often still around for the 75% markdown and that’s a great time to stock up on ribbon.  The spools contain 3 yards of ribbon, so 25 cents for 3 yds.  Those $1 ribbon boxes always contain some solid colored spools of ribbon, not just holiday prints.


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