$1 Notebook Project


Here’s a cheap little project for girls, who often like frills and ribbons, diaries and notebooks..  I saw some variation of this in a magazine years ago.  I made two of these for my 10 year-old granddaughters in a half hour yesterday.

I took a small $1 spiral-bound notebook from the dollar store and tied little pieces of ribbon along the spiral binding   This can be done in all one color ribbon or a few coordinating colored ribbons, but since I have tons of ribbon, I used a different ribbon on each spiral.  As a put-together craft kit gift, you could give the notebook, some ribbon and pens for the girl to do herself.

Tip: I worked at Wal-Mart many years and their holiday stuff is much of the same junk, just different colors and printing on it for each holiday.  That includes the $1 ribbon.  Wal-mart after-holiday sales are 50% off first and then 75% off.  In my store, that ribbon was often still around for the 75% markdown and that’s a great time to stock up on ribbon.  The spools contain 3 yards of ribbon, so 25 cents for 3 yds.  Those $1 ribbon boxes always contain some solid colored spools of ribbon, not just holiday prints.


About the scrapbook paper angels

My granddaughters put these scrapbook paper angels together this afternoon. The general instructions are on Pinterest at this link. We were using clear tacky glue, but Taylor loves to use hot glue for just about everything. She put hers together much more easily with the hot glue.

The best part of this craft, was I had everything already – even those small ornaments, which were a Walmart after Christmas sale years ago. These little ball ornaments are shatterproof, which worked out even better for a kids project. Yes, if you hadn’t figured it out already, I’m a craft and sewing supply hoarder.