About the scrapbook paper angels

My granddaughters put these scrapbook paper angels together this afternoon. The general instructions are on Pinterest at this link. We were using clear tacky glue, but Taylor loves to use hot glue for just about everything. She put hers together much more easily with the hot glue.

The best part of this craft, was I had everything already – even those small ornaments, which were a Walmart after Christmas sale years ago. These little ball ornaments are shatterproof, which worked out even better for a kids project. Yes, if you hadn’t figured it out already, I’m a craft and sewing supply hoarder.


2 thoughts on “About the scrapbook paper angels

  1. I’m not very good w Word Press as I’ve mentioned before
    I need a break from pllitics and hope I can figure out how to follow. ( I have massive difficulty signing in.) Bedt regsrds

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