About the scrapbook paper angels

My granddaughters put these scrapbook paper angels together this afternoon. The general instructions are on Pinterest at this link. We were using clear tacky glue, but Taylor loves to use hot glue for just about everything. She put hers together much more easily with the hot glue.

The best part of this craft, was I had everything already – even those small ornaments, which were a Walmart after Christmas sale years ago. These little ball ornaments are shatterproof, which worked out even better for a kids project. Yes, if you hadn’t figured it out already, I’m a craft and sewing supply hoarder.


A great cross-stitch blog: “Pinwheel Ponders

After more than a decade hiatus from seriously working on counted cross-stitch, a few weeks ago I picked up a small project, a Liberty Bell design. After completing that in a few days, I immediately started a small floral piece (used in the card posted here recently), which led to another small floral piece, and now I’m working on a larger floral piece. I love needlework and it feels wonderful to be happily stitching away.

As mentioned in my previous post on Pinterest, this photo-sharing idea allows for easy searching and sharing of crafting, decorating, cooking and sewing ideas. After decades of reading many books, magazines, leaflets of patterns, etc. on all sorts of needlework, I thought I had learned all there was to know about counted cross-stitch, until I found this wonderful blog on counted cross-stitch, Pinwheel Ponders. The blog offers loads of creative ideas for finishing cross-stitch Christmas ornaments, but many of these ideas can be used for other cross-stitch projects. This blog offers advice on stitching small projects in a small photo mat, by taping the cross-stitch fabric flat, rather than using an embroidery hoop. I’ve stitched three projects using this mat idea, after using many types of hoops, Q-snaps, and wooden frames over they years. This works great!  I’ll be revisiting this blog for inspiration and if you love counted cross-stitch, check out Pinwheel Ponders.

My Pinterest Adventures

Gone are the days of clipping recipes and craft ideas from magazines, then compiling cumbersome binders with protective sleeves to shove the clippings into or even worse hand-copying a recipe on a piece of paper, which invariably would end up misplaced. Pinterest, a massive photo-sharing site, offers an easy, user-friendly way to eliminate that bit of paper clutter from your life.

Registration is free and within a few minutes of reading the helpful hints, then downloading the handy-dandy Pin-It button, you’re on your way to many happy hours of exploring magazines online, blogs, news sites, etc. from which you can create your own boards (categories to organize your pins), share your pins, follow other users boards or just repin one of their pins.  Pushing close to 3,000 pins (many of those recipes), well, unlike those magazine clippings I could never find, with Pinterest I’ve tried several recipes.  I decided to critique the latest recipe adventure and start a category here, which I’ll call My Pinterest Adventures.

Last week I prepared a Pinterest recipe find called Unstuffed Cabbage Roll Skillet, located on foodie, Mandy Rivers’, blog, Unsouth Your Mouth.  Having prepared cabbage rolls a few times (decades ago) and finding it rather time-consuming, this recipe sounded like a winner. On an A to F rating scale, I’d give it a B+.  The recipe was easy to follow with clear instructions.  It’s a quick and easy meal to prepare.  Now, for the taste part, I liked it, but the sauce didn’t work for me.  The recipe called for condensed tomato soup as the tomato base in the tangy tomato topping, with brown sugar and vinegar added to give it a bit of zip.  Next time I prepare this recipe, I’ll be experimenting with replacing the condensed tomato soup with tomato sauce or possibly diced tomatoes.