More stitching

Back in the 90s.  I was addicted to counted cross stitch and completed many projects.  Of course, I also have many unfinished projects too.  The Nativity cross stitch was one of those unfinished projects.  A few weeks ago, I came across the frame for that Nativity cross stitch in a box of craft stuff in the garage.  I brought it into my sewing room and then started looking through plastic storage boxes of cross stitch supplies.  I had lost the chart and had no clue how to finish this, but since I keep stuff  (hoard is such a nasty word), I had the 1995 Bucilla holiday catalog. which has this Nativity picture.  Using my magnifying lamp, I could see the stitching clearly enough to finish it.

Now, lest you think I am keeping old Bucilla catalogs for no reason, here’s the reason I’ve kept them.  My sister used to buy a lot of needlework from the outlet store at the Bucilla company, when it was in Hazleton, PA.   She gave me a bag of stamped embroidery table runners, napkins and dresser scarves, but they have no directions.  Some of the designs are easy to figure out, but bouquets of flowers are difficult without a picture.  So, I kept the catalogs, because there are pictures of these stamped embroidery projects.

A couple of years ago, I started dabbling at doing a few small counted cross stitch projects and then I started doing plastic canvas needlepoint again too.

Here are 8 more boutique size tissue box covers, I stitched in the past couple months:

It feels good to be stitching again and having the internet opened up an entire new world for any type of needlework.  It’s so easy to find information and supplies now.  That will be another blog post.


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